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D'Huy Engineering, Inc. Project Management System

D'Huy Engineering, Inc. (DEI) specializes in four disciplines: structural design and analysis, facilities engineering, forensic engineering, and project management. The firm's dedication to engineering excellence, integrity, precise scheduling, and reliable budgeting have garnered D'Huy Engineering, Inc. a national reputation.

DEI maintains a philosophy that recognizes the need to combine the advantages of rapidly evolving computer technology with the traditional attributes of engineering judgment and experience.

The entire Project Management process is based on keeping the client informed and in control at all times, which is supported by Projectmates web-based construction project management software. To accomplish this, D’Huy employs Projectmates not only as a comprehensive CPMS with modules that include construction punch lists, construction scheduling tools, and a construction document manager, but also as a bridge of communication with its clients. Projectmates excels as a construction reporting tool and features a robust construction management dashboard to constantly keep high level executives aware of project progress.

By utilizing web-based project management software, D'Huy Engineering has once again shown leadership in providing superior technical expertise and innovative solutions.

About Projectmates Commercial Construction Program Management Software

Projectmates is the most comprehensive online project management software available today. Projectmates integrates multiple online construction workflow management tools to create collaborative project management software – meaning each team member can view project schedules and tasks as well as enter their own updates from the field to capture accurate data in real time.

The first key element in a great web-based project management software platform is a comprehensive online Document Management suite. Projectmates Document Management allows the sharing of any type of documents and includes a built-in document viewer to allow users to open documents directly in the Projectmates online construction project management portal.

In addition to document management, Projectmates includes several features key to assist construction accounting software integration, including contract management software, bid management software, and integration with enterprise accounting software.

Projectmates construction project management software also includes powerful Portfolio Reporting software. Projectmates Portfolio enterprise project reporting includes an executive dashboard which enables construction executives to track each project in real time.